Rainbow Flag GAS Group

Norwich Gender and Sexuality Reading Group

The Gender and Sexuality (GAS) reading group began at the UEA before 2010 then moved off campus to the Forum Millennium Library in Norwich city centre. Over the years we’ve discussed more than 60 topics from body hair to gender in advertising, masculinity to bisexual erasure, intersex to faith, trans to neuroscience, art and erotica, to feminism(s) and BDSM.

We are open to discussing any topic that affects people of all sexes and sexualities in (oft unnecessarily) gendered ways. The group is inclusive, a bastion of free speech, yet respectful discussion.

Topics are posted in the week preceding a meetup and discussion continued both before and after online. Anyone can lead or kickstart a topic of interest to them. We maintain a list of past and future topics to choose from. Past subjects of discussion can be revisited as our membership varies over time or students move on.

We vary in number from 5-25 and have 220+ in our online Facebook group. The group is neither wholly LGBTIQ+ nor female and feminist, although there have been times when they may have made up the majority of those present. We are now a more diverse group in terms of age, sex, sexuality, ideologies and opinions.

The use of a Rainbow flag in our image header above indicates LGBTIQA+ inclusivity not identification. Rainbow flags and imagery have been used down the ages to represent a biblical covenant to the whole earth, allegedly Inca identity, social revolution (Thomas Müntzer and Thomas Paine), Buddhism, Judaism, the International Co-operative Movement and world peace, so it is a universal image and not an exclusively LGBT one.

We meet monthly on the first Tuesday from 6:00pm-7:00pm on the ground floor, back right of the Norwich Forum Millennium Library. Several of us go for pizza together afterwards to which you are also invited. Call 07808 970429 if you can’t find us.